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Modified thermal vaporization and pyrolysis programs have become an important tool for evaluating in situ fluid characteristics in liquid-rich rocks. The Rock-Eval® device has been widely used to identify the type and the thermal maturity of sedimentary organic matter.

Traditionally, it is a screening tool to estimate the hydrocarbon (HC) generation potential of source rocks using standardized parameters. In 2014, a new Rock-Eval® method (Shale PlayTM) was proposed for the investigation of the HC content of liquid-rich tight rock samples.

This presentation illustrates the evolution of the classical Rock-Eval® method for source rock characterization and compare traditional applications with new approaches recently developed to predict in-situ liquid hydrocarbons.

An analytical approach is also proposed to identify potential producible free liquid HC intervals in early exploration campaigns. To illustrate the application of theses methodologies, results obtained from a vertical profile in the lower Vaca Muerta Formation suggest that the upper sample, showing high TOC and porosity values is dominated by potential free HC and also corresponds to the most permeable interval.

New free and sorbed parameters (FreeHC(Sh0), FreeHC(Sh0 + Sh1), SorbedHC(Sh0), and SorbedHC(Sh0 + Sh1)) can be used to obtain a quick estimation of both free versus sorbed hydrocarbons in rock samples containing well-preserved in-situ liquid hydrocarbons.

Maria Romero Sarmiento

Maria Romero-Sarmiento

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Maria is a senior research scientist in organic geochemistry at IFP Energies Nouvelles (France). She is currently Project Leader and Technical Advisor in Geochemistry. She holds a Ph.D. in Organic Geochemistry from the University of Lille (France). Her research mainly focuses on source and reservoir rock characterization as well as basin modeling and organic geochemical studies to better understand potential source-rock intervals and hydrocarbon occurrences in petroleum systems. She is involved in new model and method developments for ROCK-EVAL® device and basin modeling software.

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Monday, 29 June 2020 | 10:00 hours BST


Free of charge.


Maria Romero-Sarmiento

Project Leader and Technical Advisor in Organic Geochemistry